Look for a respected tattoo master to ink this pattern! You should think well about the placement as the bad choice of it can spoil even an excellent design. Follow her on Instagram @claudia_strife. This fact conveys the presence of magic forces and hidden aggression. It looks fascinating! These two absolutely gorgeous wolves are observed on hips: on the right thigh there is a black wolf, surrounded by pink and red flowers, on the left hip a blue wolf with a precious decoration on the head, enclosed in a circle of orange flowers, is located. A snarling wolf demonstrating its teeth denotes a morally strong human, maybe even rough. But your preference matters when inking a wolf tattoo. The idea of a disciplined person with leadership qualities is revealed in this traditional wolf ink. The signification is that a person has or wants to have such qualities as bravery, courage, the will to win. In China, the wolf signified debauchery and it was the sign of women of easy virtue. The design presented above will be a top classic one for your sleeve or the forearm. Only persons with a high level of intelligence and physical development were granted such powerful totem. That awkward moment when you almost didn't even notice the boobs because of that chest piece. A woman with the wolf head signs the wild and instinctive nature of the female. This site uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience. Such idea may also work as a spirit guide. Here is a typical example of a traditional tattoo on the chest, which carries the meaning of a fearless man, who is devoted to high ideals. This tight ink spells out the idea of mutual love, fidelity, and longevity of the couple. One more idea for your wolf tattoo! This powerful totem expresses a strong bond of the family and female empowerment. This monochrome wolf image adorns the chest and looks absolutely fantastic. A creative idea for the girl’s thigh! This wolf ink is on the hip, the wolf’s mouth is open, and the picture denotes a morally strong man. The wolf denotes that the owner of the tattoo despite the loneliness is not desperate in finding love. This is the most recognizable idiom in the world describing a wolf in the sheep’s wearing. In many cultures, the wolf is a personification of a caring mother, who always protects her children, so, this very idea is revealed in this tattoo. Just wow! It can act as a spiritual guide to the wearer. The lines that describe the wolf’s fur are masterly done. Sure as hell, this concept will be you next tattoo inspiration. Indians reckoned that a wolf had a mystical ability to communicate with the spirit world and the skull for them was the sign of demise and sorrow. 3. This is the reason Native Americans wear them with great relish. The throat is an extraordinary tattooing area, so people, who wear wolf tattoos on their throats, are extravagant. Oftentimes creative people wear wolf tattoos in order to emphasize their individuality and to express themselves. The wolf image expresses that the owner has the gift of clairvoyance. Coming to the symbolism of the traditional wolf tattoo, the wolf symbol took part in many cultures and has positive as well as negative traits. This tight ink covers the tummy and the wolf looks marvelous and the idea of fortitude is disclosed in this tattoo. This traditional wolf tattoo is done very realistically and depicts the wolf with an open mouth on a background of the forest, bathed in moonlight. The flowers soften a bit the fierce image of the wolf. In pagan times, the wolf epitomized reliability, but with the advent of Christianity, the denotation has changed for the worse. A colorful tattoo brings out the qualities of wise and smart wolf through its nice display. Life is about hunting! 1. Just look at the wolf’s eyes! For example: To be sure, these meanings are not obligatory. The vibrant wolf with the dagger symbolizes quickness, tenacity, and strength. Little bloody drops make the tattoo more dynamic and bold. The blue color of the snow creates a sense of cast-iron physique and stamina of the wearer. For many nations, the wolf pattern was the symbol of fearlessness in the professional, emotional and physical conflict situations in life. The signification of the image is faithfulness of the owner both in a romantic relationship and friendship. In ancient times, many people stated, that the wolf with glowing red eyes meant that the soul of man was under the influence of evil spirits. The wolf with a grin is a traditional image, which is in demand among many people as it is attractive, not very hard to perform and has a certain meaning. It’s known that a wolf can be a loner, which opposes itself to the whole world. 2. Thus, this traditional wolf pattern can indicate a person, who has repeatedly broken the law. A yellow color highlights the majestic fur of the powerful creature. Bold wolf tattoo. The wolf and moon tattoo expresses an inner loneliness and ostracism, while the birds are the indication of the wearer’s wish to aim a full freedom. WOW! Really cute decoration on the man’s biceps! The tattoo projects the emotions: fearlessness, but the vulnerability of the female nature. The wolf here may be the sign of human commitment and roses signify that the source of inspiration for this person is love. This burgundy wolf on the hip is depicted together with violet flowers and the whole picture is about faith in unconditional love. Alas, the little red riding hood's fate has been sealed. Crispy is an ace at traditional. A blue rose indicates the denial of norms and principles, and the wolf signifies the violation of social norms. Since olden times, sailors have been called sea wolves, as they spent most of their lives in traveling alone, so they put traditional wolf tattoos as a reminder of their past lives. The main focus is on the wolf’s eyes and red roses. This traditional wolf design on the foot demonstrates a smoky wolf with red eyes and two roses on the edges of the tattoo. Native Americans supposed that wolf totems protected from the misfortune, so this ink can be regarded as a lucky charm. The light shadings in the moon emphasize a celestial look. All these senses are supported by the tattooed signs such as snake, eagle and swallow. For Romanians, wolves embodied witches and wizards, who were servants of Satan. This extremely bright wolf tattoo represents a gray wolf, surrounded by red and blue flowers, these elements create a holistic picture. Traditional tattoos are remarkable for the wide range of colors and patterns they offer. The traditional wolf tattoos of the medium sizes are better to ink on the biceps, forearms, and sleeves; the bigger ones look stunning on the chest, back, and belly. It is a gorgeous symbol of family and protection, as wolves live in packs, and are known as good and caring parents for their pups. Red rose and traditional wolf are a beautiful combination as you can see in above bicep tattoo. In Asia, the wolf pattern is often used as the emblem of military formations. An excellent choice for both genders! An awesome concept includes several patterns, and each of them imparts the sense to the ink. Healed job! Speak to the world of who are you by wearing such ink! In south-eastern Europe, it was thought that the eyes of a wolf could look directly into the soul, they could inculcate both insane fear and appeasement. A small totem will tell about the devotion to high ideals and your fearless soul. The black design is a classic choice, yet cool. It is known that wolf mates only with one partner. Traditional wolf tattoo on hand look more awesome. When she's not writing for Tattoodo, Xavier likes experimenting with art and organizing local music shows. The connotation is that above all a human prefers family and love. The composition is really impressive. This traditional wolf tattoo is obsessed! It is likely that the person, who wears this tattoo, wants to emphasize such traits as masculinity, courage, and determination. The overall picture looks frightening and it is about a cruel man, who for the sake of achieving the goal will go ahead without remorse. We guarantee you an inner strength by inking such great tattoo! The most popular options are absolute blackwork, black and gray, and outlined wolves. A gypsy art is not a mainstream today, but still a cool choice for men tattoos. This traditional wolf ink on the lower arm shows the person’s ability to reach professional heights. An adorable design for girls! Colorful lines make this piece more picturesque. A gray wolf with two bright accents – two gemstones is the adornment of the lower arm. It is detailed so much and demands an experienced hand. The contrast between black and red is engraved on purpose to show that even fierce animal chooses one mate in life. This picture on the half sleeve spells out the idea of an unprincipled and strong-willed leader. This vivid monochrome wolf on the lower leg says about animal instincts of a man and a strong sexual energy. No doubt, you will ink this piece on you. 0. The ink on the hip shows a wolf head, pierced by a dagger, the picture is very vivid and it illustrates the mentioned idea. 3. Traditional tattoos are remarkable for the wide range of colors and patterns they offer. Ladies, opt for this elegant design! For sure, this fine piece will devour the eyes of those around you. As you can see, traditional wolf tattoos are not for weak persons and rabbits! In Japanese culture, it was used to protect the warriors from fire and diseases. The wolf is sick and looks realistic due to the finely inked lines. Alas, the little red riding hood's fate has been sealed. That awkward moment when you almost didn't even notice the boobs because of that chest piece. This traditional wolf image on the neck spells out the idea of lateral thinking and a peculiar perception of the world. This traditional wolf tattoo adorns the half sleeve and amazes with a riot of colors. Many people assume that a blue gemstone can increase a person’s morality and have a beneficial effect on his moral character. So, if you do not want to exhibit the wolf tattoo, the location pictured above is right for you! This traditional wolf tattoo on the chest is combined with a gray rose. A beautiful design of the wolf ink for girls! It may denote the willingness to guard the family. This traditional wolf tattoo is nice for men who are absolutely fearless. The red color is so brightly inked and enhances the overall outlook. This dope tattoo on the hand portrays a combative wolf, which shows the readiness of a person to meet targets. Look and get inspired! Here are some traditional Wolf tattoo designs, one thing common in them is the red color. The head of the wolf nicely blasts on the hand with the just right amount of red colorings. The whole work is done in Indian style and looks stunning on the breast. The signification is that the man aspires to moral degeneration. Maybe a woman has lost her love! Younger girls ink it to mean fidelity and love. The tattoo is pretty rare for the girl’s sleeve. And that’s not bad. More than just amazing! 2. Impressive Ankle Ornament in Tribal Style. There is enough space to ink all details on the shoulder. A wolf, all the more traditional, is a symbol of courage and loyalty. The ink on the half sleeve below definitely has an unfavorable meaning as evidenced by the gray wolf, which is holding in its mouth a rope with the skulls of birds. A fluffy fur of the animal emphasizes the meaning mentioned before. The tattoo described above can show this idea to the surrounding world! It looks like a she-wolf. That’s a jaw-dropping idea for a real man! Charming Winter Nail Designs for a Cold Season. Dude! You got to put these artists' names on your list if you want a good traditional piece because damn, the work they've done on these wolf tattoos are gooood. This traditional wolf tattoo embellishes the forearm. According to Japanese myths, a wolf protects humans from harm. This traditional wolf tattoo on the lower arm looks beautiful despite the lack of bright colors. There are many more wolf shadow tattoos circulating around so be sure to stay updated with us! 3. The whole ink looks like a real painting. This bright black wolf, made in a traditional technique, is on the hip, the facial expression of the animal is aggressive, and the figure indicates the meanness of the soul. A wolf tattoo with birds, snake or any other animal; A traditional tattoo with a wolf in the forest; a howling wolf stands for alpha domination or loneliness; a tribal design of the wolf often connotes strength and loyalty; a wolf with the rose tattoo reflects love and femininity; a Japanese wolf called upon to guard the wearer against harms; an angry outlook of the wolf on the tattoo speaks about the fierce temper; a wolf and an eagle tattoo is a powerful totem of protection or can be a patriotic message for the US; a woman with the wolf head, as a rule, represents a warrior’s spirit or female power. The wolf is a very aggressive opponent and it can kill enemies without mercy. If you opt for a composed wolf tattoo, the best placement is a shoulder. This vibrant wolf on the shoulder indicates a valiant defender of a family life with right principles. OMG! The traditional wolf tattoos can be designed as your fantasy allows. 2. A neo-traditional design represents a wolf with the dagger in black and gray colors describing the wearer as a warrior who is fearless in the face of obstacles. A lovely touch of blue! That’s so damn good! Dope and rad! Opened chaps of the wolf are impressive and create a protection line for the wearer. The back is embellished with the wolf design. Holy shit talisman! So, such performance may denote love and fidelity. The denotation of the ink is that the human is not afraid to challenge the society. 2. For Vikings, the wolf was a lucky mascot, which helped them to conquer new lands, so since those times, the wolf image has been associated with the victory. Wolf tattoos can be inked in different styles and designs, but the traditional one is mainstream. In many tales, werewolves were beasts, in which evil witches and warlocks had turned. He has a lot of well, 'crispy' pieces like this one on his Instagram. It is a sick concept for both, boys and girls. In a general sense, the wolf tattoo connotes high moral and family values, and in a combination with a rose, it speaks about a person’s readiness to dedicate his life to his family. A mother can express her protectiveness towards her kids by means of such wolf tattoo. Thus, this vibrant tattoo, which portrays a black wolf, pierced by arrows, is on the lower arm. The connotation is quite obvious – the human does not spare his enemies. The black wolf is depicted on a background of the dark forest. The fur on the head is depicted in the form of the flame tongues. The wolf is a creature with a dual nature, it can be gentle and affectionate, and can be cruel and vindictive, it depends on the circumstances, which side will wake up. The traditional style of the wolf tattoos is damn popular among men to signify power, strength, and courage. The head of the wolf framed with flowers fits well the female thigh. Nowadays, this blackwork describes the same. This wolf tattoo will give a serious safeguarding. The half sleeve here is adorned with a brown and gray howling wolf, which indicates sadness and mourning, so this traditional wolf tattoo is worn by a person with severe destiny. Two wolves tattooed from both sides of the breast are the protective gates. Indians supposed that the wolf has been a guide to the futurity. As you can see, traditional wolf tattoos are not for weak persons and rabbits! That`s crazy! In ancient times, some sailors wore a wolf ornament with a rose as a symbol of eternal love and devotion to the second half, which was waiting for them at home. In ancient times, many people have decorated their bodies with wolf tattoos in order to awake ancient forces, which will give wisdom and fortitude. Thus, the idea of a faithful and reliable man is traced in this tattoo. The wolf is rushing and it signs the purposefulness of the wearer. This black and gray wolf with a grin may be associated with the unpleasant and difficult period in life. The blackwork with color insertions looks nice on the forearm. It`s a badass wolf tattoo for guys who are rushing in life and prefer debauchery. This is awesome! We're kidding, she's probably asleep. The appeal has soft lines and a kinder look. A really sick location! The tattoo is big, eye-catching, and right for back placement! The image of an angry wolf characterizes the wild spirit of the bearer. The dagger through the wolf can connote the bearer’s readiness to achieve his goals by all means. This stunning smoky wolf with glowing amber eyes says that this human denies social rules and norms. This gorgeous black wolf with vivid red roses on the hip says about eternal dedication to the soulmates. A perfect outlined work in this piece is awesome. A rushing and hunting wolf stands for survival, instinct, and power of a man. This vibrant picture on the chest displays a black and gray wolf with an open mouth, which indicates the man, who always bravely meets life’s challenges. The chest piece is very picturesque. Neck tattoos are a big no but if you're going to do it anyway, make it jump out of your skin and devour the eyes of those around you. The fierce eyes are so really inked that catch the mind. The head of the wolf is lengthened due to the arrows. Here is a bright depiction of traditional American wolf on the muscled chest. These two absolutely gorgeous wolves are observed on hips: on the right thigh there is a black wolf, surrounded by pink and red flowers, on the left hip a blue wolf with a precious decoration on the head, enclosed in a circle of orange flowers, is located. A cool concept for a hundred-per-cent he-man! In many cultures, a wolf symbolizes a caring mother. That is the meaning of this piece. Well, the forearm is the best place for such performance. A gray wolf is depicted in the background of the sun, which is not typical, as the patron of nocturnal animals is the moon, and the red rose is visible below. Combining a monochromatic wolf with the rose in a tattoo presents a sense of love, devotion, and fidelity to the partner. Such tattoo will help you to manage all obstacles and problems. Amazing Cross Tattoos Designs for Men and Women. Sick idea for mothers! For some people, the wolf image indicates the constant search for the truth and spiritual development. The pattern is performed in dark tones, the bright accent is olive-colored eyes of the animal. A sincere effort of the ink master is felt here. One of the finest chest piece concept you'll see today. Red hues add a touch of power and survive. The dark side of a wolf nature is aggression and violence, so, for some nations, the wolf image had a negative connotation. It is a commonly known fact that some women romanticize the connotation of the wolf figure and for them this design carries the idea of boundless love, which no one can destroy. The colors of roses, moon, and leaves are chosen in one color grade, so this wolf ink looks sick. The inner biceps is not ordinary location! These two black wolves on shoulders are riddled with arrows and they look like epaulets. A stunning design of the girl with wolf head tattoo! Get a view of the various designs presented below to make your fantasy run wild. The traditional wolf tattoos of the medium sizes are better to ink on the biceps, forearms, and sleeves; the bigger ones look stunning on the chest, back, and belly. This traditional wolf tattoo represents a smoky wolf with red roses at the bottom and the orange sun with purple clouds in the background, all colors go perfectly with each other. The fern and the moon make a fantastic look together with the wolf image. The connotation is that above all a human appreciates love and family. 2. In this case, the black wolf with green eyes speaks about a good Samaritan, who is able to smooth out the conflicts. A wolf represents a wearer himself, and the tattoo is a fabulous option to tell about it. This is a work in progress, but I think it looks good the way it is, what more when coloured in. Get a view of the various designs presented below to make your fantasy run wild. One of the finest chest piece concept you'll see today. The heavy blackwork in this piece is awesome. In nature, there are cases when the wolf after the loss of a partner doomed itself to eternal solitude, and every night it howled at the moon, expressing its grief. Position yourself as a guardian of your woman and kids? Traditional wolf tattoo. This ink can be classified as a criminal tattoo and a connotation of a blue rose coincides with the denotation of a wolf. You can mix up the design with its own sense, and that will be a masterpiece. The wolf is carved with its head rising to the full moon. There is an absolutely gorgeous wolf surrounded by red flowers on the girl’s thigh. The colorful wolf presentations are not so widely spaced; in most cases, the wolves have only colorful touches on eyes or on other additional patterns. The traditional wolf ink carries the signification of rough, maybe even a fierce man. A wolf together and a raven possess an endless battle against the evil and dark forces. This is awesome! Celts believed that the wolf, despite many favorable qualities, signifies the darkness of the soul. We will review the ink pictures, but first, let’s read a summary of what the wolf tattoos can render. Here a black wolf with a red rose and a string of pearls are depicted. The artist has designed a smaller size of the wolf’s head to place it on the neck. Perhaps, in this way the person wants to say that he has his own strengths and frailties. Join millions of people looking to find tattoo inspiration, discover artists and studios, and easily book tattoo appointments. The Designs and Locations of Egyptian Tattoos. Some people prefer to go alone in life. An arrow is purely a male sign, since it is associated with male occupations – the hunting and war, for African tribes, the arrow meant a declaration of war, and the wolf was a symbol of valor. This traditional wolf full sleeve tattoo looks unbelievable!

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