"Todos los luchadores del extranjero, por obvio ellos vienen a aprender nuestra cultura de la lucha libre, todo el arte, y lo hacen a su estilo. "Niebla" is Spanish for "fog". [39] Niebla returned to CMLL on April 5, 2015 after his suspension,[40] teaming with El Felino and Negro Casas in a six-man tag team match, where they defeated Máximo, Titán and Volador Jr.[37] On April 26, La Peste Negra lost the Mexican National Trios Championship to Los Reyes de la Atlantida (Atlantis, Delta and Guerrero Maya Jr.). [28], At the 2012 Homenaje a Dos Leyendas, Mr. Niebla and Atlantis defeated Rush and El Terrible to win the Torneo Nacional de Parejas Increíbles tournament, where rivals teamed together. [11], On March 30, 2001, Mr. Niebla teamed up with Olímpico and Safari to defeat Blue Panther, Fuerza Guerrera and El Signo to win the Mexican National Trios Championship. Mr. Niebla, Felino and Casas held the Mexican National Trios Championship from 2014 to 2015, and Mr. Niebla won the CMLL World Heavyweight Championship. "Mi querido Paulo Dybala yo soy el luchador Tinieblas Jr. y te mando un fuerte abrazo". Impressed by Leal's physique they convinced him to begin a career as a "luchador". On January 23, 1998 Mr. Niebla teamed up with Shocker to win the CMLL World Tag Team Championship from Dr. Wagner Jr. and Emilio Charles Jr.[10] Subsequently, Niebla and Shocker would defend the tag team championship against Blue Panther and Black Warrior, Bestia Salvaje and Scorpio Jr. and the Hermanos Dinamita (Cien Caras and Universo 2000). [5], In the early 1990s, Mr. Niebla began working for Mexico's largest professional wrestling promotion Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL). The character's name in the original Japanese edition of the game was "The Astro" (アストロ, Asutoro). Actualmente ambos se encuentran retirados de sus respectivas profesiones. Volador Jr. left the ring before the announcement was made. [3] As part of the show, Drone won the Copa Mr. Niebla trophy. He was not involved in the first fall, while a visibly upset Volador Jr. removed Mr. Niebla's mask at the beginning of the second fall to draw a disqualification. [13] The team defended the titles into 2003, losing them to Dr. Wagner Jr., Universo 2000 and Black Tiger III on March 31, 2003. [25] On August 16, 2010 it was announced that the recently returned Mr. Niebla would be one of 14 men putting their mask on the line in a Luchas de Apuestas steel cage match, the main event of the CMLL 77th Anniversary Show. However, his character remains popular with young lucha libre fans, primarily due to his appearance in comic books and films. Por su parte, el Doctor Alfonso Morales ha tenido algunos problemas de salud, aunque en algunas ocasiones se presentó en funciones del CMLL, Triple A y CMB para recibir reconocimientos por su trabajo. Pero desde México, cientos de miembros de esta red social confirmaron que se trataba de una máscara auténtica de Tinieblas, o de Tinieblas Jr., sucesor del carismático luchador. [3] At one point his son was training for a professional wrestling career, but did not complete his training at the time. [22] Mr. Niebla did not work any matches for three months, starting in March 2010. Aquí el video de la entrevista de Manuel: Miércoles, 18 de Noviembre de 2020 [4] He later turned on El Oriental, winning the tag team title with Sol, although the controversial circumstances surrounding the title change led to the title being vacated. The two defeated Blue Panther and Ephesto in the first round, Bobby Z and Máscara Dorada in the second round, before they to Mephisto and Místico in the semi-finals as Mr. Nebla and Volador Jr. were not able to get along long enough to win the match. Mexico. Una idea del vocalista y líder de la agrupación, Sean Tate y el propio Tinieblas Hijo. [54][55] Prior to his death, CMLL had announced that they were holding a benefit show for Mr. Niebla on January 4 to help pay for his latest medical expenses, but with Mr. Niebla's passing it became a tribute show, El Ultimo Vuelo del Rey del Guaguanco ("The last flight of the King of Guaguanco"), with the money collected going to his family. Tinieblas also made appearances in luchador films. On January 22, 2011, Tinieblas Jr. and El Oriental became the first ever LLUSA Tag Team Champions by defeating the Puerto Rican Power (PR Flyer and San Juan Kid) and Treachery (Rellik and Sydistiko) in a three–way tag team match. [23] In early June 2010, CMLL announced that after recuperating in Europe Mr. Niebla was ready to return to the ring, reuniniting La Peste Negra for the first time in several months. In the semi-finals they lost to eventual tournament winners La Sombra and Volador Jr. During the summer of 2010, Tinieblas Jr. began working for a newly created wrestling promotion, backed by MTV2 called Lucha Libre USA, wrestling on their first television taping on June 19, 2010. [5] Mr. Niebla continued to team with Shocker; the team were unable to reclaim the tag team title. We need to get back in touch with the fans, David De Gea: I feel at home in Manchester. [37] CMLL confirmed Niebla's departure from the promotion in February 2015. The match came down to La Sombra pinning Olímpico to unmask him. [35] Mr. Niebla did not wrestle on the last two stops of the tour. La identidad del luchador es sagrada y mantener el secreto es algo complicado en estos tiempos. La primera función del Rock Arena logró unir un cartel plagado de estrellas de la lucha libre con un repertorio musical de Guns N' Roses a cargo del grupo Welcome to the Rock Show, además de artistas de danza aérea y bailarines. It was later revealed that his body had rejected the implant he had been given during his previous time away from the ring and it had to be replaced, putting him out of action for approximately a month before he was able to wrestle again. Early on Mr. Niebla worked mainly for one of the local CMLL-affiliates but did manage to win both the [9][10], In early 1998 a wrestler in International Wrestling Revolution Group (IWRG) began working as "Mr. Niebla", adopting the same style mask and trunks as the original Mr. Niebla. In 1991, a second series titled, "Tinieblas, El Hijo de la Noche" (Tinieblas, Son of the Night) was created. Tinieblas began as a body builder and stunt man who was spotted by luchadores Black Shadow and Dory Dixon. Revelan nueva foto de ‘El Santo’ sin máscara. As.com Ciudad de México 10/05/2019 22:16 Raúl Jiménez y su festejo con la máscara de Sin Cara hace algunos días, puso en foco a la Lucha Libre en el Fútbol Europeo. [56] CMLL also announced that they were holding a special show, La Noche de Mr. Niebla, on January 24.[3]. En primer lugar, Tinieblas planea algunos proyectos (todavía privados) junto con su hijo, además de presentarse en conferencias, gira de autógrafos y vender sus productos. The original Mr. Niebla won, forcing the impostor to unmask and change his name to Mr. He would become a large draw in Mexico and toured internationally. Q luchadores creen q si llegaran a perder la incógnita estarian destinados al retiro, a mi se me ocurren: Atlantis. After Felino joined the group Heavy Metal was quietly phased out, as he was not comfortable working the comedic style. Tinieblas Jr. made his professional wrestling debut in 1990, wearing a mask closely resembling that of his father Tinieblas. [48] He would not return to CMLL for six months, making his return on March 12, 2019. [21] La Peste Negra's biggest triumph to date is Negro Casas' title win over Místico, earning the group the CMLL World Welterweight Championship . In 2008 he, and Negro Casas created the group known as La Peste Negra (Spanish for "the Black Plague") that also includes El Felino and Bárbaro Cavernario. In early 2008 the storyline saw the two physically fight over the leadership in matches where the job was on the line. [5] His last match for LLUSA saw Tinieblas Jr. team up with Lizmark Jr., losing to El Oriental and Águila. Tinieblas nació en la Ciudad de México en 1939 y desde pequeño incursionó en el fisiculturismo y para después a la lucha libre. A few days before the match, it was cancelled, as AAA announced that Abismo Negro had sustained a neck injury. The two were paired up for the 2013 Torneo Nacional de Parejas Increíbles as a way to continue the storyline between the two. It was printed until 1995. [17], After working for CMLL for over a decade, Mr. Niebla left CMLL to work for their main rival Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (AAA) in later 2007. Tinieblas Jr. (born May 26, 1966) is the ring name of a Mexican Luchador enmascarado (or masked professional wrestler).Tinieblas Jr.'s full name is not a matter of public record, as is often the case with masked wrestlers in Mexico where their private lives are kept a secret from the wrestling fans. Debido a esto el rumor se hizo grande y en una ocasión, Alfonso Morales le pidió una máscara al “Gigante Sabio” y después fingió que se le caía de su bolsillo, para incrementar los rumores. Tinieblas was the second luchador (after El Santo) to have a comic book series based on his character. Mr. Niebla subsequently stated he left AAA, because a major mask vs. mask match he was promised fell through when Abismo Negro was unable to work the Triplemanía match and that he came back to CMLL looking to make his mark unmasking a "big name" such as Místico or Dr. Wagner Jr.[19] He also apologized to AAA if they were unhappy with the method he used, but he believed he handled everything in a professional manner and that he was upfront about his ambitions for a "big name" mask-versus-mask match. [15] On October 12, 2004, Mr. Niebla lost the CMLL World Heavyweight Championship back to Universo 2000 and was unsuccessful in his attempt to regain it. "La lucha siempre va a ser esa esencia de la rivalidad de ser quién es el bueno, quién es el malo, pero siempre hay un vencedor y de eso se trata. ゲレーロスと中邑&オカダがカルテット結成!! Sicodelico sin máscara (hermano de dos caras y mil mascaras) - Duration: 0:29. [26] Mr. Niebla was the sixth man to leave the steel cage, keeping his mask safe. IWRG stated that the original Mr. Niebla did not hold the naming rights and a trainer gave him the name with the promotion obtaining permission from the trainer. El luchador mencionó que de niño era muy delgado, por lo que era objeto de abusos, pero con el paso del tiempo decidió entrar al gimnasio logrando aumentar en menos de un año 40 kilos [9] Over the next year the team would successfully defend the title twice against the team of Apolo Dantés, Kevin Quinn and Steel and once against the previous champions. After the second match the rest of Los Vipers turned on Abismo Negro and ejected him from the group. [44][45], When the CMLL World Heavyweight Championship was vacated in mid-2017 Mr. Niebla was given an opportunity to become a two-time champion as he entered a torneo cibernetico elimination match, He was eliminated by eventual winner Marco Corleone. [6][7] By the mid-1990s Mr. Niebla worked full-time for the main roster, taking part in the 1996 CMLL Torneo Gran Alternativa. [48] Mr. Niebla subsequently stated he was injured and the swift conclusion was to shield those in the ring from further problems. Efrén Tiburcio Márquez made his professional wrestling debut on November 11, 1990 working under the Ring name Chamaco Audaz (the Audacious Kid). ", "¡ Nuevos Campeones Nacionales de Tríos ! The Tinieblas comic series was relaunched in the year 2000.[2]. [27] On July 29, 2011, Mr. Niebla defeated 15 other men to win the 2011 Leyenda de Azul. [15], On April 18, 2003, Mr. Niebla defeated Universo 2000 to become the CMLL World Heavyweight Champion. Being at Manchester United for so long is something to be proud of, Real Madrid put ISCO up for a transfer with Zidane's approval, https://www.infobae.com/america/deportes/2019/06/27/las-palabras-del-luchador-mexicano-tinieblas-jr-luego-de-que-paulo-dybala-usara-su-mascara/. Malas noticias en Atlas, pierde a su lateral izquierdo. The trio started wearing large afro wigs, painting their faces black and dancing during their entrances and generally worked a less serious style of match than usual, especially for a serious wrestler like Negro Casas. For the imaginary country, see, "Biographical Dictionary of Mexican Film Performers", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Tinieblas&oldid=952996861, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 25 April 2020, at 04:21. When the original Mr. Niebla returned to the ring he immediately attacked the impostor. Tinieblas was also one of the first luchadores to tour Japan in 1974. [50], Mr. Niebla publicly acknowledged that he was an alcoholic, stating in a 2018 interview that his drinking problem had cost him a lot over the years in regards to his career and prosperity. 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Todos los derechos reservados, Mueren 35 por Covid-19 de Coahuila y surgen 96 casos nuevos, Ve SCJN reto en recuperar confianza de justicia laboral, Falleció Candelaria López Obrador, hermana del Presidente, Ordenan a Trump frenar deportación exprés de menores, Esperan que Cienfuegos regrese hoy a México, ¿El Dr. Morales es el hombre debajo de la máscara…. Distrito Federal Welterweight Championship and the Distrito Federal Tag Team Championship once. ... TINIEBLAS SIN MÁSCARA - Duration: 3:30. cejajm 1,166,637 views. Tinieblas is Spanish for "Darkness". ¡Alex Diego es destituido como DT de Querétaro! [8] In 1997 Mr. Niebla formed a trio with fellow good guys (called Técnicos in Lucha Libre) Lizmark and Atlantis called La Ola Azul (the Blue Wave). Ya como luchador su fama subió como la espuma y participó en películas y una serie donde hacía pareja con Capulina. Uno de los mitos en la lucha libre mexicana es la identidad de Tinieblas, ya que se ha corrido el rumor que la persona debajo de la máscara es el Doctor, Alfonso Morales, comentarista de box y lucha. ¿Por qué Yahir pudo ser testigo de Jehová y él no aceptó? Sobre todo que la sigan, que les guste la lucha libre mexicana, ahora en este caso mi nombre, es mucha emoción", dijo Tinieblas Jr a Infobae México. Niebla and Shocker faced Atlantis and Villano III in a Relevos suicida match, a match where the losing team would fight each other for their mask. El Santo murió a los 66 años de edad, y fue sepultado ante 10 mil personas en el Mausoleo del Ángel. Fue el pasado 10 de mayo cuando el atacante argentino presumió en redes sociales una fotografía en la que aparece con su novia Oriana Sabatini usando la máscara del hijo del legendario luchador mexicano, quien cobró fama mundial en la década de los años 60.

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