The interface is the standard Smart Hub, bottom-row-of-icons that’s featured on all of Samsung’s better TVs. Personally I love that the support stands have a wide coverage area. We need to stress out that the end result very much depends on the original content so while the upscaling that the Quantum Processor 4K does is actually very good you shouldn’t expect any miracles. When I really dug in with HDR, there was a noticeable lack of intensity compared to the Q80R sitting right next to it. Our advice to Samsung would be to use the One Connect Box to all the QLEDs as it’s a feature that really sets it apart from the competition and if they want the QLED series to stay competitive this is one feature that they can take advantage of. Value for price beaten by : Hisense H9G. At first reading it feels a bit difficult to categorize the Q60R accurately. But during normal use we didn’t have any problem something that was very characteristic in all our QLED testings. Various ways of control is pretty much standard in this day and age and as such the Q60R supports not only the traditional One Remote but also control from Samsung’s SmartThings app that you can install in your mobile device. What is hurting mostly this model is the use of an Edge LED panel instead of a FALD one that all the QLEDs above this use. Bonne puissance en bt mais léger avec la tv, Très bon complément pour une Tv Samsung qled seul bémol je n'ai pas eu la notice en français, Barre de son conforme à mes attentes. Lastly viewing angles are disappointing allowing very small deviations from the center sweet spot. Also I will agree with you about the One Remote. It’s also “Motion Rate 240,” which means it’s a 120Hz panel. In general it’s a bit disappointing to see a QLED model perform like this and we would expect at least similar performance like last year’s Q6FN but it seems that this is not the case. The Samsung Q60R is one of the best smart TVs in this price range, and it's the only QLED you can buy in the smaller 43-inch form factor. This new processor ensures the upscaling of lower quality content to 4K resolution with exceptional results as it uses an AI upscaling engine that combines complex algorithms in addition to an image database that has access to. Edge lit didn’t really occur to me at this point, even with large areas of black. We saw this with LG and it seems Samsung follows the same route. With TV vendors, you should always pay attention to the marketing spin. The backlighting is that good. A certain degree of customization is allowed in order to reposition everything to your liking as thinks can get a bit confusing with so many apps and content available. Brightness also falls short making HDR performance average at best. Sound is clearer and better defined than average, though lacking in thump, as is the norm. Samsung managed to partially correct this with the top Q90R and Q80R models by using Ultra Viewing Angle technology but as with the Q70R the Q60R also misses this film that could improve things a little. So all Samsung TVs has to settle with all the rest which means the basic HDR10 that is used for UHD playback, HLG that is mostly used in broadcasting as well as the new HDR10+ which is supposed to rival Dolby Vision and can also support dynamic metadata. So if you plan to use this TV for movies then make yourself a favor and buy a dedicated audio system or at least a soundbar that will improve audio much more than what the Q60R can do. Indeed we were not disappointed. But not all is doom and gloom. Samsung continues to heavily invest on their Quantum Dot displays in their try to offer image quality that can at least compare to LG’s OLED offerings. 100% Color Volume with Quantum Dot? And while the Q60R remains better in this regard compared to the RU8000 it doesn’t come even close to the Q70R. Lastly by having the latest Quantum Processor 4K means that the Q60R is a very capable at upscaling by incorporating AI into the mix making resulting images truly stunning. A new and very practical feature that we find in 2019’s Tizen is Samsung’s “Universal Guide”. It feels like a QLED model but at the same time it misses many of the features that would make it a true QLED. Finishing with that you are ready to go, it’s that easy and it shouldn’t take you more than a few minute to do so. Borders are thin enough and almost similar to the Q6FN while it uses a bench-like stand with the legs keeping the panel stable and help with cable management. But the biggest difference compared to the other QLED models is that here we get an Edge-LED panel while there is no local dimming which means that light control is vastly inferior and less accurate. The Q60R is able to support wide color gamut which is very important when viewing HDR content as colors will appear more lifelike and vivid. Anti-aliasing of color bands was weaker at 8-bit than normal (10-bit was smooth), and there were greater issues rendering fine lines in close proximity than normal. Also the Black Frame Insertion (BFI) feature is present by enabling the LED Clear Motion setting. One aspect that we expected the Q60R to shine was in the input lag as we saw that all 2019’s QLEDs were able to perform admirably in this. My Q60R hands-on took place in two stages, as per normal. Samsung Q60/Q60R QLED TV Review. Also if you are a gamer then you will be extremely happy by how low input lag this one has making this as good as it can get. All app and streaming services are positioned in the bottom of the screen running along the familiar launcher bar that forms a single line while we also get a second layer that appears when an app is selected that provide easy and fast access to various content. I start with mundane material, such as over-the-air broadcast TV and light HDR that most viewers will be watching the vast majority of the time. The Samsung Q60R doesn’t seem like a bad model for the price. This results in sharper details and better colors without any additional artifacts that are common during the upscaling process. If you are a gamer and you are on the lookout for a TV for your gaming needs then this one will definitely cover you completely. This will prevent it from toppling over easily. All connections are grouped together in an inset on the left side as we look the TV from the back with all of them looking sideways for better handling. With the Q60R being the smaller model in the series we get further reductions in both our brightness and contrast measurements. The Q60R retains the Quantum Dot film that helps the TV to display a wider range of colors and thus still classify as a QLED model. A bit of unnecessary if you ask us since it’s like forcing you to have them in front of your face while the UI provides a very easy way to find these apps very fast. But such quality comes also with a hefty price and not many can afford such a cost but fear not as in today’s Samsung Q60R review we will be looking at the most budget friendly model of the QLED family. In 2019 we got four models in their premium, QLED as they have branded it, lineup with their flagship the Q90R being able to perform admirably and very close to the performance we have seen in some recent OLED TVs pushing the capabilities of LED LCD technology even further. The Q60R keeps the same kind of support when it comes to HDR as the rest of the QLEDs in 2019 as it is pretty clear the policy Samsung has when it comes to this. That’s largely attributable to the edge lighting and lower peak brightness, which I didn’t actually know about at that point. There is also support for the FreeSync variable refresh rate technology that can be used in conjunction with other equipment that also support it. Anything more and there is very obvious degradation in brightness, black levels and color integrity. You can even get it in a 43-inch model for $500. With the legs extending almost to the entire length of the TV you need to make sure that your furniture is big enough because the large footprint of such a design can be a problem in small surfaces. Moiré and shimmer in detailed pans was about the same as all the QLEDs (excepting Samsung’s 8K UHD Q900, which is vastly superior), but motion was definitely not QLED-like no matter how far I boosted the anti-judder setting. Profitez d'offres promotionnelles et de réductions sur nos produits de grandes marques ! And considering the prices I see for the other QLEDs this one seems to be way more affordable considering also that it’s a relatively new release. The remote is Bluetooth enabled so direct line of sight is not necessary while it can also act as a universal remote as it also comes with IR capabilities in order to be used with other equipment that are only IR capable. Bottom line on audio: It’s not bad, but it’s not great. Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission. L'innovation de Samsung en matière de divertissement s'associe aux 65 années d'expertise d'Harman Kardon dans le domaine de l'audio pour parfaire l'expérience ultime du consommateur en délivrant le son plus que parfait avec cette Barre de son Samsung HW-Q60R/ZF. The Q60R may be part of the premium QLED series but when it comes to audio things haven’t progressed much. Only concern on my side goes to the shipping costs I may have to pay if I’m going to buy it from Amazon since they usually charge about double the price of the item because of my location. The wallpaper and picture-frame modes are present, along with all the other little creature comforts that the QLEDs are known for. When it comes to motion performance the Q60R managed to deliver very solid results compared to the other top tier QLEDs. Or has traditionally. TechHive helps you find your tech sweet spot. It’s easy to use, you can customize the order delete icons that aren’t relevant to you, and the ecosystem supports all the popular apps users look for, including, Apple TV+. I wasn’t so sure after witnessing the motion compensation. But the Q60R still delivers one of the best images in its class, and the lushest overall experience by far for the money. If you review enough TVs, you notice trends with image processing. With no FALD system, less brightness and no Ultra Viewing Angle filter can the Q60R still remain competitive and be considered a worthy member of the QLED lineup or the corners that had to be cut affects the overall performance a bit too much? No matter how many tricks manufacturers add in digital processing the result will have limited impact. By adjusting the blur and judder reduction sliders you can find the sweet spot for you but keep in mind not use very high settings in these two as this will result in the “Soap Opera Effect” which we want to avoid. Bluesound pulse soundbar 2i noir - barre de son BLUESOUND MA-76CA300BLUE-L8FFE, Lg sh2 barre de son 2.1 - bluetooth - 150w - caisson de basses sans fil LG MA-18CA300LGSH-EOQD1, Barre de son bluetooth 12w - blaupunkt BLAUPUNKT 1350, Barre de son bluetooth 5.0 hdmi aux-in avec support mural noir LENCO MA-41CA300BARR-CI1JI, Développée en association avec Harman/Kardon, Connexion TV sans fil : Connectez votre barre de son sans fil avec votre TV Samsung via Bluetooth. We tried different angles with this one and we can say that 20 degrees of angle is the maximum we recommend in order to retain image quality. No price information. L'innovation de Samsung en matière de divertissement s'associe aux 65 années d'expertise d'Harman Kardon dans le domaine de l'audio pour parfaire l'expérience ultime du consommateur en délivrant le son plus que parfait avec cette Barre de son. Q90R vs Q85R: which 4K QLED TV is best? You will only need to have a dedicated device like an Echo Dot or Google Home to make them work. The Q60R product page talks about Ultra Slim Array and Supreme UHD dimming, but it’s not the full array local dimming (FALD) direct back-lighting that you might construe those terms to mean. La politique de Samsung pour 2019 se résume à étendre au maximum son catalogue : une montée en gamme avec un choix plus grand de tailles (de. Lastly navigation was very fast and smooth and only in a few occasions we noticed a bit of lag when we tried to open various applications in fast sequence. Là un vrai home-cinéma ! What this does is to insert a black frame between two individual frames resulting in more smooth and blur free motion at the expense of some brightness and the appearance of some slight flickering. In our SDR brightness testing we measured 402 nits in a 10% window which is very good and more than adequate for any kind of SDR content that doesn’t need excessive amounts of brightness to show good. Every year Samsung adds bits and pieces in order to refine the system even more by adding new features and functions and make the UI feel updated and more practical than ever. I had used one before and liked it much better than the typical, full of buttons, remotes. Video aficionados, on the other hand, should shop the higher-priced blends that offer all of Samsung’s top-tier image technologies. (. Movies . Copyright © 2020 IDG Communications, Inc. In total the Q60R manages to offer decent quality even though the amount of plastic used makes it look a bit cheaper than it should for a QLED model. There was a noticeable difference in the picture the minute I moved even a little off axis, which is a pretty good sign that there’s no advanced anti-glare tech at work. The Q60R even comes with the familiar by now Ambient mode which we prefer to think about it more as a gimmick rather than a practical feature. All connections are positioned in the back of the TV as we usually find them in most TVs. The Edge-Led Panel is really going to be it’s weak point especially for those that are more educated with TV tech. Amazon. The remote is definitely one of it’s strong points as Samsung has really nailed it’s design and functionality although we feel that the three new dedicated buttons were completely unnecessary. Mixed Usage . That’s not really fair, as the Q80R is $600 more in the same size, but this isn’t about fair. Mais ce n’est pas tout : le fabricant s’ouvre avec l’arrivée d’une compatibilité de services de son concurrent Apple. Sony likes a cool, classy palette; LG opts for smooth and lush over detail; and Samsung likes to highlight color, contrast, and fine detail. Updated Feb 24, 2020 at 09:17 am. You can check our soundbars section for some of our reviews. As such surround effects are being boosted in action films while in talk shows dialogue feels more pronounced. This means that as far as upscaling quality is concerned the results are as good as the rest which can be of great value in the long run. At this price, I’m not going to complain about the interface not returning to your last position, either. These numbers are very good although slightly lower than what we had measured in our Q70R testing. The Q60R features four HDMI 2.0 ports, one of which supports the audio return channel (ARC), as well as two USB ports, coaxial (TV/cable/satellite), ethernet, optical digital out, and an RS-232C port. There’s an electronic program guide, Bixby voice control, Alexa support, and of course machine learning of your preferences—if you’re into that sort of thing. In general the Q60R keeps a very similar design to last year’s Q6FN. If your budget can support it then go for the Q70R as the FALD system it has makes it so much better. Of course the SmartThings app is not only used for your TV as with it you can control any smart device you have in your house making it a center control point for your entire smart house. You should, however, temper the enthusiasm I just encouraged—the Q60R’s image isn’t quite in the same league as Samsung’s other QLEDs in terms of brightness or detail. It should be on every bargain hunter’s short list and is a great TV for the average viewer. Samsung and the rest of the industry need to have a meeting and stop the marketing nonsense. The initial setup was very simple and easy to follow. During that initial phase, I was thinking QLED all the way. Once I started with the second-phase stress tests, the Q60R’s weaknesses quickly became apparent. I am a bit scared when such big panels are wobbling so easily. As for the contrast ratio the Q60R performed very good with the panel being able to display very good black levels although this could be even better if there was a local dimming function which there is not. The Samsung Q60R’s color and overall user experience are best in class, and it’s the only QLED available in the smaller 43-inch form factor. The obvious omission here is Dolby Vision and as things are there is not going to be any support for this protocol from Samsung anytime soon. Slim Type: Slim? Freelance contributor, If you’ve envied the quantum dot color and interface perquisites offered by Samsung’s QLED TVs, but thought they were out of your price range, think again. Profitez des conseils de nos experts pour savoir comment choisir les produits qui vous conviennent : TV, Informatique, Electroménager, Literie, Bricolage, et bien d'autres. The amount of support from developers is staggering and shows why Tizen is at the top of it’s game.

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