The most popular color? THE ONLY THING THAT CONCERNES ME IS THAT THERE ARE OTHER INTERVENTIONS; KONNAN, AAA, DOGS OF EVIL DO NOT GET A LITTLE RESPECT TO US WHO WE ARE WHO MAKE THEM IDOLS AND LEAVE A BEAUTIFUL REMINDER FOR OUR GRANDSON. LEAVE THAT HARD PELON, YOU HAVE ALREADY WON AND ANY SLUMBER WILL NOT COME TO TAKE THE MASK OFF. financial and criminal penalties. And as advantages ... ´because a hair is always less valued than a mask, if it is lost it causes less commotion and in the end it grows back so there is not much I ask, so even if they risk with the messiah they would recover it soon and the result of the battle would be somewhat bland. this man is not going to lose hopefully and do not come the AAA to jod3r with which the messiah is better and wins not jod4n. I don't believe anything. Well you're in luck, because here they come. The messiah is faced by someone who sees that the triple a wants to continue taking advantage for years and years (2021 will come and he will still be in the stars) so they would not risk losing all his charisma or power with people making him look like a loser. If no one from society or the AAA army gets involved, it seems that we are against the best fight in triplemania; except that it could be overshadowed by an epik between RVD and Wagner, the park was the best fighter until the fraud with the parka (extremely tough fighter or technician) but my forecast loses messiah in another fraud more than aaa. Adobe® Illustrator® format. Watch Queue Queue. WHAT WE DO NOT DOUBT IS THAT IT WILL BE A GREAT FIGHT, THE TWO HAVE GIVEN US GOOD CONFRONTATIONS, THEY ARE DUE TO THE PUBLIC AND THAT IS TO BE ADMIRED, THEY DON'T FEEL DIVAS OR PREPOTENT, I SAY THAT NONE OF THE TWO HAS DENIED ME A AUTOGRAPH. Well, go away and not be like hulk hogan causing pity for old, but history can repeat itself and say that the commission annulled the result. La parka (la park) y mascara sagrada en TV Show. THE PARK THE BEST 100% THE MOST BLOODY THE MESSIAH NOW IF YOU ARE GOING TO SEE K IS COMING A SUNAMI IN THE GALLERY YOUR DAYS ARE TOLD. that juan dinner wants to attract attention and feel accepted even if he hates it The next WWE PPV is on November 22: Survivor Series. THE PARK ?? The controversial and great fighter LA Park He is already in the stage of preparation for the fight he will have in Triplemania 19 where he will face the Messiah in a mask vs. hair encounter in one of the super-star AAA anniversary meetings. La parka Jr (karis la momia Jr) sin máscara The unmasked Man. Then, he begins to tell everyone that he lost to a great rival and that he retires never to return. mmmm now with these statements the chances of messiahs winning increase, it would be a shame if LA Park retired without being megachampeon or having won something in AAA (the name does not count for obvious reasons). Follow. I WATCH WRESTLING FOR REAL WITH REAL FIGHTERS, THAT'S WHY I SEE WWE AND MY GOD THE SUPREME MASTER OF THE KEY AND AIR FIGHT JOHN CENA. And now I can't think of another advantage, so according to my predictions I would say that it leads to losing, but although it only has one advantage, it's enough, because for the mediocre writers of the triple aaa, the best thing is to never take risks and always end the bouts of the least attractive way possible. AND I HAVE NEVER GONE TO EXHIBITION FIGHTS OR PROMOTE ANYTHING ... he has simply gone to plant a flag and say I AM Incredible stock. by god, what can you expect from a guy who likes wwe and even worse, an admirer of a poor guy who doesn't even know how to fight ... do not be hateful, your comment has nothing to do with it, and if I put the john cena thing, it is because it is based on pure publicity, his movements are limited and his fighting ability is in doubt and that is well known by wrestling connoisseurs And let me tell you that there are no new movements in wrestling, they are all invented, the problem is that they rename them with another name and make them their own, but everything is already invented. did you have to create another account? of international copyright and trademark laws subject to specific Already worth gave, I take away the mystery of the fight, Adolfo Tapia is a good fighter, but his trunk kills him, the result is obvious, he will not lose the mask! Before you use or reproduce this artwork in any manner, you There are 12 mascara la parka for sale on Etsy, and they cost $35.38 on average. What a fart with AAA, Ricky Banderas in his best fighter one hundred percent AAA and I do not know why they do not recognize him in AAA, the net I can not imagine a lot of good flags, but surely it will be so, Well, although many of us already know his real name and without a mask, for that reason it does not stop being a legendary mask that if it falls it should be in the maximum event, I am with the bony one and if it ends up losing and retiring, at least that he retire with honor massacring the messiah and giving the best of the event, the best in MEXICO LA PARKA whether they wanted to or not , this gentleman fighter if he destroys all the actors of the wwe. Its disadvantage is the fact that it has been years since it lost a cover (the one on Prince Island) and its identity is well known. So the park is the winner, it cannot alone, so they will pay the messiah because the park cannot alone. LA PARK .. AND I AM FROM MEXICO)). Japan .. the same k thousand masks)) hahaha chilean [email protected]. Find out more in our Cookies & Similar Technologies Policy. Playing next. Tiger Mask III/Konnan/Máscara Sagrada vs La Parka/Blue Panther/Fishman (AAA April 26th, 1994) Roy Lucier's Wrestling Classics. UP THE PARK AND UP THE FOREIGN LEGION! tell the truth that fight is arranged…. honestly AAA every triplemania surprises but I hope that the park and the messiah give a great fight last year's parkas if it was quite good and to say of the wagner and the messiah two years ago it will be necessary to see I doubt that the park loses if he does it someday it will be before wagner or his copy the parka. trademark holder and in compliance with the DMCA act of 1998. LOD 2 SEEMS TO ME TOGETHER WITH WAGNER THE BEST OF SAD A, OF COURSE, WHEN THEY DECIDE TO FIGHT AND REMOVE ALL THEIR SCHOOL AND NOT WHEN THEY ONLY ACT AGAINST THE MICROPHONE, THIS STRUGGLE IN OTHER TIMES OR IN ANOTHER RECON SERIES A GREAT LA PARK THE TRUTH AFTER THE FIGHT BETWEEN THE PARKAS MY CREDIBILITY TOWARDS HE WENT TO GARBAGE, IT WILL BE VERY EXTREME AND EVERYTHING THEY WANT BUT AFTER THAT FRAUD EVERYTHING CAN HAPPEN. BECAUSE I AM NOT INTERESTED. It is not the first time that they do it. Germany CALLA.FANBOY CHEAP. agree to obtain the express permission of the copyright and/or the park with his mani polished that if he loses he retires, I honestly do not think that he will lose ... (and if he loses it will be because of the fox and the boxing and wrestling commission of the df cancels the result or something like that) sells much less THE PARK without a mask than the MESIAS without hair ... thinking about the business of AAA… also, I would be waiting for the duel of el zorro vs la park, Saying that if he loses he retires there is nothing new, they have made statements of this type several times, but now he does it with the certainty that he will not lose, not because he is a better fighter than Ricky Banderas but simply because mask is to make a better payoff blockbuster for him and that will be when playing the mask vs Dr Wagner jr. I think if he is saying this, I am 60% the park and 40% messiah. He is already quite old and since he has been in all the companies he has wanted, he does not have much to fight for. The Messiah is going to win, the Messiah is the best that there in Mexico today, say someone better than him? warner jr vs RVD fight for a championship ??? LA Park knows that he will face a great international fighter, who has great experience and has never lost his hair and is one of the fans of the fans, for this reason and for the meetings he has had against the messiah they have put To think that there is the possibility of defeat. Well, as far as I know, this guy never won anything important, more than having been in what was the great rival of the WWF at the time. AND IN THIS FIGHT I BET MY LIFE ON WHAT LAPARK WILL WIN AND IF I DON'T WIN I SWEAR I DIE MORE WELL YOU MESSIAH THAT YOU LOSE I CURSE YOU IDIOT. USA -The words of La Park have long since lost credibility, since he began to "fraud" with AAA in the fight against the Parka, nor did he believe his words. In short, from my point of view, the Messiah loses his hair. THE BEST POUND X POUND)) Saying no will not stop you from seeing Etsy ads, but it may make them less relevant or more repetitive. And in SUPER LUCHAS we will have the best coverage and analysis. You've already signed up for some newsletters, but you haven't confirmed your address. Browse more videos. ACE OF SPADES JAJAJAJA THAT BAD SOS, THAT HEAVY JAJAJAJA. … Report. From Triplemania II-A, taped at Plaza de Toros in Aguascalientes. What do you think ?, I personally would like him to win LA AUTENTICA, because he has always been a fighter and it would be a good prize in his career but you always have to analyze all the possible facts. MORE NOW THAT I CREATE NEW MOVEMENTS LIKE THE SUPER MEGA ULTRA ATTITUDE ADJUSTER ON THE COMMENTARY TABLE AND THE STFU SAY I QUIT. Send me exclusive offers, unique gift ideas, and personalized tips for shopping and selling on Etsy. Playing fortune teller: Tapia will lose the mask (after all, it is worth it, since everyone already knows who he is). download is the intellectual property of the copyright and/or The original Parka has lost the last remaining credibility (just like its fighting quality, which quickly fades). You guessed it: black. "I tell him to take care of himself, nobody has shaved him, if he got to shave it, it will hurt in his soul and if I lose my mask until I get there, I will retire.". use with proper permission from the copyright and/or trademark It is obvious that the park will win. diseño de la mascara de La Parka Download the vector logo of the La Parka brand designed by AAA in Adobe® Illustrator® format. You take your vacation and return at an absurd angle of those that AAA has left over. Yes! You hereby agree that you agree to the Terms of Use See more of Solo Lucha Libre on Facebook Playing fortune teller: Tapia will lose the mask (after all, it is worth it, since everyone already knows who he is). In other words, you think that the messiah is going to win, do you know one thing if someone has to sell himself is LAPARK because nobody can take away his mask and less an idiot like the messiah, how do you betray your country?

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