"Paxton, it might be noted, is not intervening in accelerating federal land seizures of private property in the Rio Grande Valley to build President Trump's border wall. ‘What are they doing? 2. 6. He was married to Mary Soliani. Honor, humor y gloria a Joselo! We will remove this and make the changes needed. California officials asked voters to overturn a 24-year-old ban on affirmative action in education, employment and contracting. Another was from a one-legged man dumped from his wheelchair at a bus stop and roughed up by Ferrigno and two other officers. It is doing what the people of Texas expect from every law enforcement agency, their attorney general, and the staff of this office. Honor, humor y gloria a Joselo! Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen on Wednesday faced opposition calls to resign after her agriculture minister stepped down over an illegal order by the government to cull the country's farmed mink. For nearly three decades, Joselo developed a significant number of characters in his weekly sitcom, effectively creating stereotypes and popular codes, conveniently remodeled and refined, achieving a deep approach to the lower and middle classes. José Manuel Díaz Márquez (September 27, 1936 – January 5, 2013) was a Venezuelan actor and comedian in television and film. To answer that question, I commissioned a professional survey of public opinion that was conducted in March 2017 by Datincorp in Caracas. 8. CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — El humorista venezolano José Díaz Márquez, conocido como "Joselo", falleció el sábado en Caracas a los 76 años debido a complicaciones de salud, informó un familiar. "I want the prime minister to do the same," opposition leader Jakob Elleman-Jensen of The Liberal Party said. Stability might not be everything, but everything is nothing without stability.Just what does the Venezuelan public think of the dollarization idea? Acceptance of Venezuelan bolivars shall not be obligatory for any other party. Joselo debuted on the popular sitcom Radio Rochela in 1959, aired by Radio Caracas Televisión, until it agreed on a long-term arrangement to keep him at the network by making him producer of his own weekly show, El Show de Joselo (1964–1972, 1981), which later was broadcast on Venevisión and was renamed Humor con Joselo (1973–1980, 1984–1993). Today, since more than 80 percent of transactions in Venezuela take place in U.S. dollars, it doesn’t seem unreasonable to think that the approval rating would now exceed 80 percent. “Is she still wearing that dress?” she would hear them snicker. Diario Panorama 182,103 views. Joselo was born on September 27, 1936 in Barbacoas, Aragua, Venezuela as José Manuel Díaz Márquez. "Mogens Jensen shouldn't take all the heat for a decision that was actually made in the Prime Minister's office. Last week, for example, government lawyers filed a "motion for immediate possession" of a strip of an elderly landowner's ancestral lands in Mission, Texas, NPR reports. Jill Biden and Doug Emhoff are both defying the stereotypical gender roles of political spouses in historic ways. Vice President-elect Kamala Harris' husband is quitting his job, and future first lady Jill Biden plans to continue teaching. Mary Soliani, Actress: Sagrado y obsceno. Four of them have filed a whistleblower suit against Paxton in state court.Paxton allegedly helped Paul in at least four ways, including ordering his office to hire an outside lawyer to pursue Paul's claim that the FBI improperly searched his home and office last year. Special Report: A cop shoots a Black man, and a police union flexes its muscle, Chuck Grassley, Senate's oldest Republican and third in line to president, tests positive for coronavirus, Signs of Liver Cancer - Catching It Early Matters, A sex worker says she's earning $35,000 a month thanks to the US Army's thirsty tweets going viral, Calls for Danish prime minister to resign as fallout over illegal cull of mink continues. Liver cancer signs may be more subtle than you might think. Mary Soliani cuenta cómo conoció a Joselo - Duration: 2:16. In 2017, Paxton, previously a defender of private property rights against federal infringement, said he was fine with Trump comandeering land for his border wall as long as the Texas landowners are "compensated fairly. Paxton, who is still awaiting trial on criminal securities fraud charges from 2015, has denied wrongdoing and said he won't step down.Eight former top officials accuse Paxton of bribery, abuse of office, and other crimes. Joselo, Actor: Un extraño en la casa. "I want the prime minister to acknowledge that when she makes a mistake, it's her responsibility." Initially, Joselo tried to emulate his older brother, although the ease of doing jokes about the daily life of the Venezuelan people set the course of his artistic career. Mink on all farms known to have been infected have been culled, Danish authorities said on Wednesday, but a further 25 farms are still suspected of being infected. Interest rates shall be converted into the replacement currency by the following procedure. 2:16. The results were encouraging. "You can't even pay for this kind of promotion," the OnlyFans sex worker told Insider. The model statute is meant to suggest the main features that are desirable for a law on dollarization. While Venezuelan bolivars remain in circulation, the government shall accept them in payment of taxes at no premium to the conversion rate with the replacement currency. This law takes effect immediately upon publication.With that, Venezuela has a clear blueprint for how to proceed to smash hyperinflation. The establishment of an independent inquiry would need the support of a majority in parliament, including party allies to the government. The state's high court, in a 5-2 decision (two of the justices preferred to rule it as moot), said Pennsylvania law gives Philadelphia officials a lot of leeway to decide the rules for observers.Plus, even the two conservative justices who dissented acknowledged that the Trump campaign's argument that legitimate votes should be invalidated because of improper observation practices was "misguided," The Guardian reports.More stories from theweek.com 7 scathingly funny cartoons about Trump's refusal to concede Trump is reportedly 'very aware' he lost the election but is putting up a fight as 'theater' Texas senator suggests it's too soon to declare Biden the winner because Puerto Rico is still counting votes. 3. Los Angeles County imposed new restrictions on businesses Tuesday and is readying plans for a mandatory curfew for all but essential workers if coronavirus cases keep spiking. Foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian’s comments came the same day that China’s embassy in Canberra delivered a list of 14 areas of disagreement between the sides in which China expects Australia to change direction, Australian media reported. So, Venezuela is, to a large extent, unofficially dollarized.To stop Venezuela’s death spiral, it must officially dump the bolivar and adopt the greenback. It is dollarization. Wherever she went she was being eyeballed. Hospitalizations have topped 1,100, a rise of 30% in that period. One came from a woman who said Ferrigno, a burly hockey player, slammed her to the ground and broke one of her ribs. He died on January 5, 2013 in Caracas, Venezuela. So Mette Frederiksen must take responsibility," head of populist Danish People's Party, Kristian Thulesen Dahl, added on Twitter. The county, which for most of the pandemic has had a disproportionately large share of California’s cases, issued new restrictions ordering nonessential retail businesses to limit indoor capacity to 25% and restaurants to 50% capacity outdoors. By 60 days after this law enters into force, wages and prices shall cease to be quoted in Venezuelan bolivars. He played professionally under the name Joselo.[1]. I measure it every day, and today it is 2,156 percent per year. 4. To do that, you need a dollarization law. 1. "More stories from theweek.com 7 scathingly funny cartoons about Trump's refusal to concede Trump is reportedly 'very aware' he lost the election but is putting up a fight as 'theater' Texas senator suggests it's too soon to declare Biden the winner because Puerto Rico is still counting votes, Husband of woman accused of racially offensive comments says it was ‘a minor incident’. By the time Officer Joseph Ferrigno shot a Black man from behind, court records show, the Rochester cop had drawn at least 23 misconduct complaints in nearly nine years on the force. The ratio between existing interest rates in Venezuelan bolivars and the benchmark interest rate in the Venezuelan bolivar shall determine the interest rate in the replacement currency, which shall bear the same ratio to the benchmark rate in the replacement currency. At that time, 62 percent of the public favored dollarization. Todo sobre mi padre, micros para television donde conoceremos anecdotas y vivencias de nuestro Simon Díaz, conducido por Bettsimar Díaz, @BettsimarDiaz . However, the replacement currency may be established as the default currency where no other currency is specified. In no case, however, shall new interest rates in the replacement currency resulting from the conversion procedure exceed 50 percent a year. Zhao made it clear China holds Australia responsible for the deterioration in ties, saying that “whoever started the trouble should end it.”. De lunes a … Born in Barbacoas, Aragua, he was the younger brother of the singer and composer Simón Díaz. The FBI is investigating Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) over allegations from his agency's former top lawyers that he illegally used his office to help a campaign donor and friend, real estate developer Nate Paul, The Associated Press reported late Tuesday, citing two people with knowledge of the investigation. "This is the jackpot. Among his most popular characters are El Pavo Lucas, Madam Cosmetic, El Adeco y el Copeyano, El Dr. Chimbín, El Mendigo, El Doctor Pensamos, El Viejito de la Marabunta, El Licenciado Esparragoza and El Roquero. After all, the public already does.But, the question I am repeatedly asked is: How do you officially dollarize a place such as Venezuela? Thank you for your feedback. Larynzo D. Johnson faces two counts of first-degree assault and 33 counts of first-degree wanton endangerment. This new toilet cleaner makes cleaning a piece of cake so that you will never have to brush your toilet again. Farmers said the move would end their business for good. If he continues on this path, he will smash hyperinflation and remain in the saddle.Venezuela’s bolivar is worthless, and its annual inflation rate is the world’s highest. Within five years after this law takes effect, the government shall redeem all outstanding Venezuelan bolivars for the replacement currency or exchange it for government debt bearing a market-determined rate of interest. Christina Applegate reveals what really happened during the filming of the show. Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger speculated that Trump "would have won by 10,000 votes" if he hadn't created distrust in mail voting. The independent committee of experts specified in the law accompanying this law shall choose benchmark interest rates in the Venezuelan bolivar and replacement currency, having similar characteristics with respect to maturity and liquidity insofar as that is possible. 12 Year Old Boy Humiliates Simon Cowell - Duration: 5:37. Indeed, I first proposed this when I was President Rafael Caldera’s chief adviser in 1995.Unlike the opposition leader Juan Guaidó, who has been recognized as interim president by the United States, the European Union, and others, Maduro has finally received the message about the only way to stop Venezuela’s hyperinflation immediately. Official “dollarization” is a proven elixir. It’s totally irresponsible’, Ahead of their runoff election in Georgia, Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff calls Sen. David Perdue "a coward, too". 9. Stephen Ellison received praise for his actions after social media users shared the video far and wide online. Mary Soliani cuenta cómo conoció a Joselo - Duration: 2:16. Here's why you need to start if you haven't already.. China on Wednesday called on Australia to take action to stem worsening relations between the two countries, in the latest indication that Beijing will offer few if any compromises to resolve their disputes. "Nuestro querido Joselo, partió esta mañana", anunció el sábado su sobrina, Bettsimar Díaz, a través de su cuenta personal de Twitter, sin precisar las causas del deceso. 5. Maduro, in a rare display of good judgment, is taking a necessary step toward what I have been advocating for many years: official dollarization in Venezuela. ", dijo el ministro de Comunicación, Ernesto Villegas, al lamentar, en su cuenta de Twitter, la muerte del humorista. Entre las décadas de los 60 y 90 Joselo dirigió en la televisión local su propio programa cómico llamado "El show de Joselo", convirtiéndose en una de las principales figuras del humorismo venezolano. Nothing in this law shall prevent parties to a transaction from using any currency that is mutually agreeable. The government's drastic decision came after health authorities said the mink industry posed a risk to public health in the country due to widespread outbreaks on farms, exacerbated by the find of a mutated virus strain, which it said could compromise the efficacy of future vaccines. Since those aides contacted federal authorities about their allegations between Sept. 30 and Oct. 1, four were fired, three resigned, and one was placed on leave. Paul said in a deposition last year he had hired a woman on Paxton's recommendation, but not as a favor — Paxton had reportedly carried out an extramarital affair with the woman. Joselo, nacido en 1936 en la población central de Barcacoas y hermano menor del cantautor Simón Díaz, falleció en su casa de la capital tras varios meses enfermo, según reportó la estatal Agencia Venezolana de Noticias (AVN). On Monday, Bloomberg broke the news that Venezuela’s president Nicolás Maduro is inching toward official dollarization. 2:16. "I make no apologies for being a fierce investigator and defender of individual rights in the face of potentially unreasonable and authoritarian actions," he added. I know because I operated as a state counselor in Montenegro when it dumped the worthless Yugoslav dinar in 1999 and replaced it with the Deutsche mark. José Manuel Díaz Márquez (September 27, 1936 – January 5, 2013) was a Venezuelan actor and comedian in television and film. 2. There is a tried-and-true way to stabilize the economy -- a necessary condition before the massive task of life-giving reforms can begin. "El pueblo le rinde homenaje al artista, al amigo, al combatiente. The president may appoint a committee of experts on technical issues connected with this law to recommend changes in regulations that may be necessary. The government is facing its biggest crisis yet during the coronavirus pandemic after it ordered the culling of millions of farmed mink earlier this month to prevent the spread of Covid-19, including a new mutated strain, but later admitted the order had no legal basis. Except as specified in paragraph 3, wages, prices, assets, and liabilities shall be converted from Venezuelan bolivars to U.S. dollars (“the replacement currency”) at the conversion rate chosen in the law that accompanies this law. Legal technicalities may require an actual statute to be somewhat different.A Model Dollarization Statute For Venezuela 1. I have drafted such a model law. McConnell blasted the Democratic coronavirus relief plan a day after President-elect Joe Biden implored Congress to pass it. Look for liver cancer symptoms and treatment. [2], Joselo also played leading roles in Venezuelan and Mexican cinema, including El raspado and Yo, el gobernador, under the direction of René Cardona, Jr., and El reportero (1968), directed by Rafael Baledón.[3]. Mary Soliani was born on August 17, 1955 in Caracas, Venezuela. Not surprisingly, Venezuelans get rid of their bolivars like hot potatoes and replace them with U.S. dollars. "Por décadas Joselo cosechó nuestras risas y ahora decidió robarnos una lágrima", agregó Villegas al expresar sus condolencias a su hermano Simón Diaz y su viuda Mary Soliani. In addition, he featured on radio and even recorded popular gaitas with his brother Simón under the guide of producer Hugo Blanco. Danes' trust in the government has plummeted in the last weeks following the order, according to a study by Aarhus University, with just over half saying they trust the government in mid-November, down from a July high of more than 75 per cent. Food and Agriculture Minister Mogens Jensen resigned on Wednesday over the debacle, writing on Twitter: "I realize that there isn't the necessary support for me among the parliamentary parties." "El pueblo le rinde homenaje al artista, al amigo, al combatiente. The proposition seemed tailor-made for one of the nation’s most diverse and liberal states. There are geniuses walking among us and we have so much to learn from them. La Asamblea Nacional rindió el sábado un minuto de aplausos en memoria de Joselo. Trump's decision to pull troops from Afghanistan could put Biden in 'a strategic corner', Michigan GOP backtracks after blocking vote certification, Some N.Y. sheriffs refuse to enforce Cuomo's limit on Thanksgiving gatherings, French 'Jetman' killed in training accident in Dubai, Pennsylvania Supreme Court reverses rare Trump legal victory, ‘What is the matter with them?’: Biden hits back at Trump’s coronavirus adviser Scott Atlas, Perdue backs out of debate after being called a “crook," Ossoff will face off against empty podium, Teacher Wears Dress Daily, Mom Sets Up Camera, The FBI is reportedly investigating Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, Black Californian family confronted by ‘racist white neighbour’ brandishing a taser: ‘Act like white people’, Georgia's Republican chief election official says Trump would've won the state by 10,000 votes if he hadn't 'suppressed his own voting base', Make Sure To Pour Salt Down Your Drain At Night, China calls for action from Australia amid worsening ties, DNA cracked 1995 cold case murder of nurse, California police say, The Scene That Took 'Married With Children Off Air, A 61-year-old British diplomat jumped into a river in China to save a 24-year-old woman who fell in, Mitch McConnell rips into the $3.4 trillion Democratic stimulus plan as 'unserious', Man accused of shooting two police officers at Breonna Taylor protest indicted by grand jury, 20 People Who Are Way Too Smart For Humanity, California voters do not overturn a 24-year-old ban on affirmative action, As virus cases spiral, Los Angeles readies plan for curfew, Trump news – live: President angrily calls Georgia recount a ‘joke’ as Biden victory set to be confirmed. Joselo died in 2013 in Caracas, at age 76, after suffering a liver illness. It signals a new era of political spouses. The 87-year-old senator chairs the Senate Finance Committee and is the president pro tempore of the Senate, making him third in line for the presidency. "In simple terms ... DNA was under Christine Munro’s fingernails at the time of her murder," the Redding Police Department wrote about cracking the case. Joselo, nacido en 1936 en la población central de Barcacoas y hermano menor del cantautor Simón Díaz, falleció en su casa de la capital tras varios meses enfermo, según reportó la estatal Agencia Venezolana de Noticias (AVN). ", One of the rare legal victories President Trump's campaign picked up in its election challenge was taken away, dealing another blow to the increasingly long-shot effort.Pennsylvania's Supreme Court on Tuesday reversed a court order that required Philadelphia election officials to let observers within six feet of vote counters after the Trump campaign alleged observers were being kept too far away at 15 to 18 feet. Diario Panorama 182,176 views. 7. She was previously married to Joselo, Miguel Ángel Landa and Trino Mora. Two weeks ago, authorities drafted the military and police to help Denmark's 1,100 mink farmers cull their 17 million mink, one of the world's biggest populations of the animals, which are bred for their fur. The Banco Central de Venezuela shall cease to issue Venezuelan bolivars except as replacements for equal amounts of old currency that become worn out. Existing laws that conflict with this law are void. Hablan los hijos de Emma Rabbe - Duration: 4 ... 4:34. The full scope of Paxton's ties to Paul are not known, AP notes.Before AP revealed the FBI investigation, Paxton said in a statement Tuesday that allegations against him are "overblown, based upon assumptions, and to a large degree misrepresent the facts," the Austin American Statesman reports. He has ordered the Banco Central de Venezuela to engage in discussions with Venezuelan bankers on the modalities of creating a clearing and settlement system in U.S. dollars. Some have called for an independent investigation into the government's actions to determine if Ms Frederiksen's administration knowingly broke the law. Born in Barbacoas, Aragua, he was the younger brother of the singer and composer Simón Díaz.He played professionally under the name Joselo.. LosGranosTV Recommended for … So, it’s not surprising that Maduro has embraced the dollarization idea. "Doing so is not favoritism. Now Ms Frederiksen is facing calls to follow suit. El Nacional – Falleció comediante venezolano Joselo, El Universal – El país personificado de Joselo, IMDb.com – El fascista, la beata y su hija desvirgada (1978), https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Joselo&oldid=987912172, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 9 November 2020, at 23:48. She is an actress, known for Sagrado y obsceno (1975), Peregrina (1973) and Sorángel (1981). I also watched the successful dollarization of Ecuador in 2001, when I was serving as an adviser to the minister of economy and finance.Countries that are officially dollarized produce lower, less variable inflation rates and higher, more stable economic growth rates than comparable countries with central banks that issue domestic currencies. He was an actor, known for Un extraño en la casa (1968), Reconcomio (1979) and Operación carambola (1968).

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