Without the spider's ingenuity and architectural wisdom in building its trap-house that produced from its body, known as the web, designers of radio-TV stations' NETwork, and website functioner as World Wide Web (invented by Sir Berners-Lee), the usefulness of such inventions will not be possible.-Edgardo Valentino D. Olaes (12 March 2019). Great article that we should all pay attention to if we want a voice in shaping the internet of future.It would be great if the ‘general population’ had more say in the regulations & freedoms of the internet to come. This did not last too long until the marketers found the value of the Web and flooded it with push messages, and people who expressed their personal views under the mask of fake profiles. Avec le droit de la mer et le traité de l’espace, nous avons préservé de nouvelles frontières pour le bien commun. Vivek - life was not harder before the Web. Just a thought. Keep up the great work! 30 years ago the Web proposal was a tremendous and innovatory free communication framework on the existing basic "internet" networking. Por favor partilhe esta nota usando #Web30 #PelaWeb. Consequências negativas não intencionais do design benevolente, como o tom ultrajado e polarizado e a qualidade do discurso on-line. With the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, diverse groups of people have been able to agree on essential principles. And in the Close Nets everyone who create one will can make any rules which he want and he will be protected by the Univeral Declaration of Human Rights. un evento clave para la historia de la web. Ahora, a medida que la web transforma nuestro mundo, también tenemos la responsabilidad de asegurarnos de que se reconozca como un derecho humano y se desarrolle para el bien común. Today we have all together to conciliate freedom of communication and services access offered by the historical goals of the Web with fundamental human rights as to preserving privacy on future Internet.A moratory framework for technical specifications and design in order to prove compatibility of privacy with freedom of communication and networking services on Internet shall be a priority goal of the scientific community. Con el Tratado sobre el espacio exterior y la Convención sobre el Derecho del Mar, hemos conservado nuevas fronteras para el bien común. But truth also needs to preserved. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence, proposal for an information management system. It safe our vehicle, also we looking our vehicle. I agree with both Traian Muntean and Sleeping Dog but from different perspectives. una plaza pública, una biblioteca, un consultorio médico, una tienda, una escuela, un estudio de diseño, una oficina, un cine, un banco y mucho más. So much frustration and time involved in getting the correct information and doing research on just about anything. Aujourd’hui également, à mesure que le Web remodèle notre monde, nous avons la responsabilité de nous assurer que celui-ci soit reconnu comme un droit fondamental et construit pour le bien public. I'm very humbled that you chose to end the 30h tour in Nigeria. cryptographic) exist for such a goal.This framework shall not cover only personal data protection by service providers and operators but also associated protocols, services and apps interfaces for preserving privacy on social media networks and inter-networking exchanges under direct control of the users whenever required. It's interesting that the three "sources of dysfunction" don't include data harvesting and invasion of privacy through continuous spying by large corporations. I believe we each need to spend more time asking how we can use the web to make the world better, rather than ask "what's in it for me?" sin exigir que se respeten nuestros derechos sobre nuestros datos, eludimos nuestra responsabilidad de poner estos temas en entre las prioridades de nuestros gobiernos. Thank you so much for your continued dedication to making the world a better place Tim. or "look what that other person (or company, or political party) is doing wrong!". Hello, Tim! , la mitad del mundo está en línea. Diseños benevolentes que, sin embargo, y de manera involuntaria, generan consecuencias negativas, como el tono y la calidad atroz y polarizada del discurso en línea actual. This post is very informative on this topic Thank you for sharing this post with us. Hoy, 30 años después de aquel documento en el que proponía un sistema para la administración de información que hoy conocemos como la web, la mitad del mundo está en línea.Es momento de celebrar lo mucho que hemos avanzado, pero también representa una oportunidad para reflexionar sobre lo mucho que aún queda por hacer. I hope you get to stay there a little longer to see the rural area too. Design de sistemas que criam incentivos perversos em que o valor do usuário é sacrificado, como modelos de receita baseados em anúncios que recompensam comercialmente o isco para o clique e a disseminação viral da desinformação. Сэр Тим Бернерс-Ли... Хотите сделать лучше Мир Интернета, локализуйте его. In contrast, a web that reliably and accurately bound people to what they post would tend to improve truthfulness since they would be held accountable by critical reviewer would likewise be accountable for what they say in response. ), but he is a very smart, very thoughtful guy. I feel often these things are either decided by a small group or committee that often appeals to the global governments of Nations.Wouldn’t it be great if we could involve the wider population and categorize (even via polls perhaps) into groups by sex, age & categories such as:1. God bless the free World Wide Web! A web designed to reliably achieve anonymity would maximize privacy but decrease truthfulness (like someone shouting crazy ideas in a crowd or in a dark alley). Por esta razón, la Web Foundation está trabajando con los gobiernos, empresas y ciudadanos para elaborar un nuevo, Y lo más importante de todo, los ciudadanos deben hacer rendir cuentas a las empresas y a los gobiernos por los compromisos asumidos, y exigir que respeten la web como una comunidad global que tiene a los ciudadanos por centro. Speed of communication is now at its fastest. If you go unknown place, then GPS is best friend for find any location and safety. Not any mention of blockchain project that are trying to solve big world wide web issues ( centralization, privacy infringement and Ddos attack) ?Ill tell just one...https://www.elastos.org/. Com a Lei do Mar e o Tratado do Espaço Exterior, preservamos novas fronteiras para o bem comum. Continuous innovation is the only way to avoid the Internet being torn, Well, one suggestion is to give the Web the same type of protection that churches and cathedrals have, by declaring it to be a "Holy Object".Read more about my suggestion here; https://gaiasoul.com/2019/06/01/turning-the-web-into-a-holy-object/. Intentos maliciosos y deliberados, como la piratería, los ataques informáticos patrocinados  por un estado, las conductas delictivas y el acoso en línea. Une conception de système qui crée des incitations perverses dans lesquelles la valeur des utilisateurs est sacrifiée, comme des modèles de revenus basés sur la publicité qui récompensent commercialement les pièges à clics et la propagation virale de la désinformation. Nowadays, the need for such a standard framework is obvious (i.e. Thank you for the Internet :-) I’m from Russia, how you know internet unite people around the world.I think in that way: we need to create an Open Net and Close Nets. I have a question about two related aspects of web quality: provenance (where data and information come from, are processed, indicators of reliability) and declarative semantic markup (what claims are made about content).So for example, if a news item turns out to be a corporate press release, there should be an automated way of:1) tracking that news item (even if slightly amended) back to its source;2) determining what kind of content the page's markup claimed the story was.Clearly, if the markup claimed it was a news article and perhaps gave a misleading author, and the provenance checks uncovered the real source, then that page might be treated differently from a page considered to be genuine news (lower in search rankings, removed from news tab of searching engines and news feeds, highlighted with warnings in browsers and so forth).To avoid this, deception would favour poor or presentation-only markup that made no claim.Should poor or presentation-only markup therefore be considered suspect? I hope there would be a separate network that would be purely non-commercial. At pivotal moments, generations before us have stepped up to work together for a better future. Full disclosure: I know Tim personally.Tim is exactly right in this speech. In the beginning, the Web was populated by scientists and curious people who used it in largely the social sense. Professionals & Small Businesses2. Organisations like Fantsuam.org are working on expanding internet access to rural communities. Por supuesto, con cada nueva función, cada nuevo sitio web, aumenta la brecha entre aquellos que están conectados y aquellos que no lo están, por lo que resulta imprescindible hacer que la web esté disponible para todo el mundo. Intenções maliciosas e deliberadas, como invasões e ataques patrocinados pelo Estado, comportamento criminoso e assédio on-line. praça pública, biblioteca, consultório médico, loja, escola, estúdio de design, escritório, cinema, banco e muito mais. This is why the, is working with governments, companies and citizens to build a new. Les intentions délibérées et malveillantes, comme le piratage et les attaques d’État, les comportements criminels et le harcèlement en ligne. It has allowed me to work with people in the town next door and across the globe.Thanks to all who work everyday to add content and value and attempt to make our experiences relevant and meaningful. Hopefully it inspires many others to contribute. Privacy protection is a human right that should be protected by the web. How I long for the days when web pages were all text and even animated gifs that talk about the topics we care about without the need to sell something. Although no 2 alludes to these issues, and they are referred to later, it's almost as an afterthought. Executives & Larger Corporations3. For those of you who have never experienced the world without the WWW. Having been online since 1999, I feel the web has become a perverse collection of marketers disguised as do gooders. Hi. I don't know where we would have been without the web, and thank you for your thoughtful considerations on its current challenges and our future. Stay at home (non working) individuals 4. That would be such a good idea IMO. 30 so soon? Si no elegimos políticos que defiendan a la web como un espacio libre y abierto, si no hacemos nuestro aporte para alentar conversaciones constructivas y saludables en línea, si seguimos haciendo click en. Let's delete some and gain some clarity! Thank you so much for sharing a great article. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence | Terms of Use and Privacy, ©2008-2020 World Wide Web Foundation. Time to bring back the WWW to what it originally was intended: a place to collaborate across boundaries of time, space, and cultures :-). So I do hope the Web can be re-created. Trust me, it's so much better, if you use it as the tool that it is and don't allow it to run your life, you will appreciate it for what it can be. Now too, as the web reshapes our world, we have a responsibility to make sure it is recognised as a human right and built for the public good. Vehicle tracking system is modern technology. Many things are happening in Nigeria with internet. Steven,from the deeps of old nazifying France nightmare. It might be a good idea for Sir B-Lee to consider the AmishMennonite tradition of taking the wheels off tractors so that the eldest member of their communityto join in gathering the harvest.Wishing you all well and praying for the restoration of wholeness, fun and sanity for our world. )#, Thank you for your contributions, including this important call to action. Gopher was the "hot" thing back then, and some sort of early-stage World Wide Web.Glad to be right with the WWW right from the beginning as my then university in Dresden very much promoted the use of digital communication, and I was thrilled to connect with the world, first while writing on my thesis, afterwards for research, and later on for work. --------- say too well. threats, theft and trade and other illicit uses of personal data often "sorrily lost" on a worldwide scale...)To set-up an international task force on privacy protection on Internet could be a first mandatory step towards a future Internet of freedom and democracy! Con la Declaración Universal de los Derechos Humanos, diversos grupos de personas han sido capaces de ponerse de acuerdo sobre los principios básicos. My husband and I run an eco farm near London and run events for families where there is REAL community and face to face interaction.Personally, I use the internet as little as possible whilst respecting it could have had a BENEVELONT use,as Sir Berners-Lee wanted.Creativity is a wonderful thing, but sometimes creating things without putting it into a REAL contextmeans, and seriously measuring its influence before we 'set it lose' (see the Eliza Project - ? I'm selling the proofs I'm great grandson of Valentin Gomez Farias. And all that paper.... so much paper.For me the web has allowed me to save time and money with the everyday chores of paying bills, dealing with utility companies, troubleshooting and fixing things from cars to refrigerators, purchasing things and connecting with work colleagues, family and friends.But above and beyond that it has been a part of my business model by helping clients add value and content about their contributions to their communities. But no web , people still live very well, sometimes, also live happier. I simply wanted to ensure Sir Tim had the opportunity of enjoying the content I made for the thirtieth anniversary of the web as it did not seem to appear on your digital channels as I was informed it might have been]. What a momentous occasion! Единственный способ решить эту проблему, локализовать Интернет. Fundamental tools (e.g. Observers/reviewers should not be able to intercept private posts and conversations; they should be able disregard information that is weakly attributed, or not attributed at all; and and they should be able to accept posts that are reliably attributed to real persons at face value - accepting, rejecting, or uncommitted according to their druthers. Sistemas que por diseño crean incentivos perversos y sacrifican los intereses del usuario, como los modelos de negocio basados en la publicidad que recompensan comercialmente el. ASSINE A CARTA DOS 30 ANOS DO ECA Hoje, 13 de julho, o Estatuto da Criança e do Adolescente (ECA) completa 30 anos. Aniversá, をして30年が経った今日、世界の半分はオンラインで結ばれています。私たちがどれほどの道のりを歩んできたかを祝うとともに、まだ私たちが成し遂げていない未来について考える良い機会でもあります。, 歴史の転換点において、人々は何世代も前からともにより良き未来のために力を合わせてきました。世界人権宣言によって、多様な人々のグループが重要な基本原則について合意してきました。国際海洋法や宇宙条約によって、私たちは公益のために新たなフロンティアを保護してきました。同様にウェブが世の中を変えつつある現在、私たちはそれが人権の一つであり、公共の利益のために作られるという認識を確かなものにする責務があります。これは「, Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence. Bien sûr, avec chaque nouvelle fonctionnalité, chaque nouveau site web, le fossé entre ceux qui sont en ligne et ceux qui ne le sont pas augmente. C’est pourquoi la, collabore avec les gouvernements, les entreprises et les citoyens pour créer un nouveau, et partager cette lettre en utilisant #Web30 et #ForTheWeb, rio da World Wide Web. Мы уже делаем это, теперь Ваша очередь... Hi Sir Tim, thank you for your continuing efforts to make the web a better place.Enjoy 'With' in celebration of the web's thirtieth celebration:http://100artworks.today/With.htmlAs with everything I make, the web provides the means to share, freely and for all.Kind Regards,Mike[there is no need to publish this here if viewed of as inappropriate because of the link. You can'st always "web" want you want, but if you try sometimes... News headline 12 03 2019After 30 years Web in downward plunge says Sir Tim Berners-LeeData breaches, hacking and misinformation threaten his brilliant creationThe vision was a free and open web would empower users, rather than reduce them to simply consumers…You conceived an environment, a blank template, where every kind is empoweredAs such, it reflects the human conditionYou created an unruly childBorn of love and ideals, but who can predict our children’s path?We nurture care teach and let loose…Like over-heated atoms they collide, fuse, disjoin – but always with the chance of creating unknown elements of staggering beautyFor countless millions we share contact, music, art, love and values we hold dearAs we, who would not have met, lie entwinedSharing the Sunday papers self, and together, absorbedSir Tim… take heart. Enjoy and feel free to reach out. Information is now freely available (if you have access to the Internet). Please pay attention!! Em momentos cruciais, gerações antes de nós se juntaram para trabalhar juntas para um futuro melhor. Também agora, à medida que a web vai reformulando nosso mundo, temos a responsabilidade de garantir que ela seja reconhecida como um direito humano e construída para o bem público. Thank you for creating this truly amazing source of knowledge and connecting all of mankind to each other for the first time in our species existence.. it's truly remarkable.. #HappyBDayWWW #WWW. Com a Declaração Universal dos Direitos Humanos, diversos grupos de pessoas puderam entrar em acordo quanto a princípios essenciais. O documento é um marco na luta pela proteção da … Congratulations Sir Tim!It's hard to remember a time before the WWW. Yes, web let people's life more convenience. accessible to all. It can be found on Medium by searching "the Human Startup" by Greg Zen. o nosso fundador e inventor da web Sir Tim Berners-Lee reflete sobre como a web transformou o nosso mundo e o que temos que fazer para construir uma web melhor para servir a humanidade. The web needs to be able to achieve these goals simultaneously.

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